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Chaos Castle Drop - 1 Jewel of Full Option & +reward 75 Wcoin

Blood Castle - 1Pack 20Jewel of Bless  & 1Pack 20Jewel of Soul & +reward 100 Wcoin

Devil Square Box +1+2+3+4 & +reward 100 Wcoin

Red Dragon Invasion Drop - 2 Jewel of Bless & 2 Jewel of Soul 

Golden Dragon Drop - 3 Box of kundun+2 & +1 Jewel of Soul

Skeleton King Drop - Jewel of Bless & Soul 

Castle Siege Drop - Ancient items Random + jewel of soul + jewel of bless

Grand Reset Reward - 4000 Wcoin


we`re open now for beta test 

Downloand Game Installer Click here

for any issue about game or any suggestion for server, please use our channel ⁠┊sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛ-ᴛɪᴄᴋᴇᴛ press the button and tell us everything!


We know how much you love freebies, so we prepared it for you! 

But , you have to work a little bit for this one 

how to register to get the freebies? very simple see below!

 invite  5 friends on discord channel (requires to be verified)

:blobgift: :Package::blobgift:
◇ Set full option+13 380lvl (for any class)
◇ One sword full option+13 380lvl (for any class)
◇ One shield full option+13 (for any class)
◇One Gold Fenrir

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