• 2. This is an english server. You will not get banned for speaking another language,
    but you do need to understand english to talk to the gms or admins.

  • 3. Swearing is prohibited - no cursing, swearing, insulting other players will make you banned. Also having bad words in nickname is bannable.

  • 4. On MIRC channel you can ask for help or talk to GM's/Admins. NO trading or spamming allowed.

  • 5. Items lost due to computer glitches, auctions, lags, because you were hacked or scammed WILL NOT BE REPLACED.

  • 6. GM's (Game Masters) decisions are FINAL. Every problems with them should be discussed with HEAD Admins.

  • 7. Having bad words in your characters name will get you banned. Having names with derogitory meaning will get you banned.

  • 8. WATCH OUT FOR CLONES! From time to time you can meet jerk impersonating GM and trying to scam people. THE REAL GM WILL NEVER ASK NEITHER FOR YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS AND FOR YOUR ITEMS! Account details are confidential.

  • 9. OFFICIAL GM'S WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PASSWORD!!!! IF SOMEONE ASKS FOR YOUR PASSWORD, THEY ARE NOT WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE!!!!! Account information is confidential. If you give the information to anyone, you do so at your own risk because I will not change your password, account name, or any other account information to stop them from logging your account on.

  • 10. Staff isn't taking any responsibility for lost caused by applications that interfering in game contents